Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Story of Book - Part 2

Good Sunday evening and welcome to the second week of "The Story of Book" project. If you're new to our tale, please give chapter 1 a look.

Monday is always a work day at my mail-order business and I am running behind. When I cancelled our walk, Book decided to be a literary diva and spend the day sulking.

Tuesday. More work! I love my customers and am grateful for the business, but the packing is quite a chore. This time, Book decided to help and even loaded the handtruck for me.

One of the many (many) cool things about living in a small town is I can take my packages straight to the loading dock after hours. Book was quite a hit with the post office folks.

Wednesday dawned bright, sunny, and cold. This is one of my out-of-town work days so Book and I bundled up for the hour drive. I work in a government-owned building, so while Book spent the day on my desk, his friend Camera stayed in the car. When it warms up some, I'll take Book around the neighborhood on my lunchtime walks.

Thursday was problematic. A storm that was supposed to drop an inch of snow and leave, left a half-inch of ice covered in snow. The fifty-mile drive was a two-hour ordeal of slipping and sliding to work. Book was a trooper, but again, Camera, with his dainty electronics, stayed home. However, Camera was so glad to see us that evening that we grabbed Kindle and went out to dinner at our favorite burger joint on the corner.

Friday dawned bright and warmer. As Mother Nature applied a nice load of snow-be-gone over town, Book and I ventured out to run some errands.

Naturally, our first stop is our second home, the Post Office. Book checked out the FBI most wanted while I did our business.

Then to the bank. For some reason, bank people don't mind Book, but have an odd reaction to Camera, so we enjoyed the sunshine instead.

Even though the snow was still hiding in the shadows, Book and I took a nice walk in the gorgeous weather.

Saturday. I know . . . more work. However, I let Book pick our work-time TV and we caught up on season 3 of "Sons of Anarchy."

Finally, the day is done and we settle in for some reading. Turns out I kept Book up until the wee hours of the morning reading "Q" by Evan Mandery.

Sunday was a lazy day with a few chores mixed in with hanging out and relaxing. A few things had to get done. First, the dog bed smelled like a feral hyena had been roosting in it, so off to the washing machine it went!

Much better!

And Mr. Big Fish must have been thirsty, because his tank level was low enough that the sound of the filter was driving us crazy. So, to the buckets!

I hope your week was as mellow. Book and I will see you next Sunday with chapter three of "The Story of Book."


Carolee said...

Book is TOO cool! These posts crack me up!

Terri Lynn Coop said...

Book appreciates you very much (and so do I).

Wayne K said...

Book gets around more than I do. :)

Becky Mushko said...

I think book needs some cute outfits to wear when he (she? it?) goes out.