Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Story of Book - Part 4

Greetings everyone and welcome to Week 4 of "The Story of Book," an entertaining project where I carry my favorite book, a 1950s edition of "The Grapes of Wrath," that I . . . um . . . liberated from a library in 1978 with me every place I go and photograph our adventures.

This week's edition is abbreviated. Camera had a diva moment and when I was able to recover the disc, all of the files were unreadable. I think Camera may have been jealous because it was doing all the work and Book was getting all the attention. Regardless, our adventures for this week were lost. 

Also, an old legal matter has bubbled to life and I had to spend most of my free time with my nose buried in a virtual law book researching the effect of res judicata on a trademark licensee and if the privity ruling from Bouchat in 2003 survived the Taylor ruling in 2008 (IMHO, it did). Regardless, Writer's sense of humor was at a low ebb.

However! Sunday dawned sunny and warm and Book convinced me to take a short walk and visit Wise Old Happy Tree who told me that all of this would pass and to enjoy the day for the gift it is. Book says that Wise Tree is wise.

Still, had to do my paperwork and other work. However, in the mid-afternoon, a crisis of epic proportions erupted. Writer was out of tea bags and coffee. A trip to Wal-Mart was immediate and necessary. Book and I stopped by the Wal-Mart book section and were thrilled and overjoyed to see "The Pregnancy Project," a memoir written with the assistance of our wonderful Facebook friend Jenna Glatzer. Yay! Wise Tree was right! This made the afternoon very happy indeed!

And then a stop at the writers' altar, the place all good things spring from, to restock and resupply.

Book and I are VERY sorry for the technical difficulties. We are also sad because we missed a pair of feral fighting sofas in combat formation. Hopefully, they are still there this week . . . 

So, until next week, don't forget to hug your favorite book and give a shout-out to your favorite writer. 

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Jenna said...

Heh. So cool. Thanks, Terri!