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Readin' Ritin' and Rape - Sexual Violence and Consent in Fiction

Let's talk . . .

First off, this post will be a discussion of sexual violence against women, both real and fictional. Proceed as you feel comfortable. Second off, this is just my opinion, observations, and experiences as a writer and lawyer who worked in the realm of domestic violence not enough years ago. It's not a judgment or invalidation of anyone else's thoughts or experiences.

What brought this about was a social media post by an older white man that Dr. Ford's memories about Brett Kavanaugh may be clouded by erotic and rape fantasies. After telling him to fuck off, I decided to write about it rather than committing the murder this piece of stupidity so richly deserves. Because, like most people, I can separate my fantasy impulses from my actions.

There has been an on-going discussion in the crime writing community about the cavalier treatment of violence against women. Specifically, the trope of opening a book or show with the "dead girl in the ditch."

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