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Book Review: Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

SKYNET, The Matrix, The Hot Zone, and Randall Flagg walk into a bar.

SKYNET: I will write a novel by arranging the entirety of the English language into pleasing patterns that mimic human speech.

The Matrix: I will write a novel by connecting all human minds granting free access to each other's perceptions and realities.

The Hot Zone: I will write a novel using nature to scare the fuck out of you.

Randall Flagg: My novel is the history of mankind with the worst chapters yet to be written.

In walks Chuck Wendig: "Hold my beer, bitches."

And WANDERERS was born . . . .

I've been a fan and casual internet friend of Wendig's for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miriam Black saga. It's hard to describe. He has an excellent sense of place and reaching into some of the basest aspects of being human. For example, Miriam Black uses her psychic abilities to be in the right place to rob victims of fate.

But Wendig's works also redeem the scoundrels in surprising a…

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