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In Celebration of Stuff . . . .

This last weekend I hit a spot that collectors and other dealers dream of:

I was mad at my stuff.

Before I go into that, let me do a dreaded backstory dump. For about 25 years, I've made all or part of my living in the secondary market. That's the formal name for the buying and selling of stuff. If I think I can sell it for a dollar more than I paid for it, I'm all in. I've sold everything from car and computer parts to antiques to every shade of collectible toys and pop culture you can think of. My knowledge is a mile wide and an inch deep. I listen to collectors and other dealers and glean their knowledge and add it to my encyclopedia of stuff.

My expertise is matching you with the stuff you need (replacement parts, odd books, useful household goods) and the stuff you want (collectible objects and oddities that exist only to make you happy). Stuff is wonderful. It's bright and tactile and can evoke or create wonderful memories. Collectors also preserve history as…

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