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Serial Fiction: Legal Aid - Part Two

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of "Legal Aid." If you missed it, you can start from the beginning here. Sometimes the wheels of justice veer off the track.


I brought two heaping plates back from the taco bar. Sharon had only taken dabs of salad, but I could tell by the speed she cleared her plate that she was hungry. I did something I don’t like to do, but sometimes it’s necessary to apply a little force. I put a touch of authority into my statement and didn’t frame it as a question. “You need to eat. I have a client or two pass out every month. The judge is required to call 911 and it’s almost always hunger or dehydration. Plus, you don’t want Mr. Rojas to think we don’t appreciate his hospitality.” After asking for permission with her eyes and receiving my nod, she picked up a fork and dove in. I kept the conversation light until I heard cutlery scraping on china. “We need to talk about your case. Tell me what happened and tell me about the letter.” She d…

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