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Suspense Author Allison M. Dickson is on the Menu at The Blue Plate Special - 04/20/2018

Host Terri Lynn Coop is pleased to serve up debut thriller author Allison M. Dickson on The Blue Plate Special. 
Allison M. Dickson has written several novels and nearly two dozen short stories covering both speculative and realistic realms, but she has found her real home is in thrillers and suspense. Her upcoming debut thriller, MRS MILLER AND THE OTHER MRS MILLER, is due out from Putnam Books in summer of 2019. She is represented by Stephanie Rostan of Levine Greenberg Rostan.

When she isn't writing, she's usually crocheting some creepy/cute monstrosity, overdosing on true crime shows, or wandering the urban sprawl of Dayton, OH, in search of great coffee and microbrew.
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