Blast From The Past . . .

Hi Gang!

Instead of being a responsible blogger and working on my little blog family today, I meandered around the interwebz and, for no apparent reason, started googling friends from high school. Now, it's the class of 1978 I'm talking about, so some detective work was needed.

I've run across my former best friend's info on the web a few times. However, until today, via the wack world of Facebook, I've never reached out to her. She accepted my request and we exchanged a couple of short notes, the first in over thirty years.

Emboldened, I searched a bit more. Lo and behold, there was one of my best friends from grammar and high school. I remember being sent into the hall in Dottie Francis' sixth grade reading class for pantomiming the story that was being read out loud by the teacher. We were perfect little mimes until the giggles got the best of us.

I found an alum site for my high school, joined up and read discussion posts on favorite teachers and fond memories. Just seeing names like Max Lemon, "Roy's EZ Mart," and "Brown's Drive-In" sent a wave of weird down to my toes. But weird in a good way.

High school was bittersweet for me. A very odd and unhappy family situation made me an unusually odd and geeky kid in a time when conformity was a premium. We were poor, we lived in the "trailer park," I didn't have a mom, and some life experiences had left me both too wise in some ways and utterly clueless in too many others. Nobody really knew what was going on and, in those days, you just didn't tell.

But thirty-two years can put a balm on all but the worst memories and I found myself almost nostalgic for a time and place I swore I'd never visit again. So, my thanks to you Michi. Some of the best times of those years were visiting you and your mom. I've thought of you many times over the years.

Here's hoping that Dave and Rayme friend-me-up as well. Old home week? No. New talk and becoming reacquainted again? Here's hoping.

So, my post on my take on the future of ebooks and how the technology for the ultimate enhanced ebook is already here, will post this week. Thanks to new friends and old.


klcarr said…
What a wonderful adventure you launched for yourself. A year ago, I took up a self imposed challenge and attempted to contact my eighth grade grammar school classmates. The entire class consisted of seventeen people. My search took me across our country. In this instance, the time range is fifty years after the fact. In that small microcosm of society, there have been the inevitable deaths and health concerns. There were two classmates with serious law problems. All of us are scattered around the social/economic scale. Each of the stories I was able to put together were at the very least interesting. One classmate I reconnected with has resulted in a wonderful renewal of our old friendship.

I am very pleased that you pursued your effort. There are rewards many for those who go down this road of renewal. I urge you to keep going.