I Am Proud & Pleased To Present . . .

My first project from the "Circle X Ranch Press."

A little backstory for my new readers. When I'm not lawyering, I run Marx Toys - Circle X Ranch, a small company dedicated to bringing back the iconic 1960s cowboy action figure Johnny West. My website is www.magicmarxie.com. Better known as "Johnny West's Home On The Net," it is also the kick-off point to our vibrant on-line collector club, Circle X Ranch.

I teamed up with one of our collectors, an insanely talented artist named Mykol Blackwell, and together we created the Johnny West Circle X Ranch Coloring Book. Twenty-five original drawings featuring our favorite characters, including Princess Wildflower, Sam Cobra, Jesse James, Jane West, Fighting Eagle, the Fort Apache Fighters, and the West kids. The cover is an original painting by Mykol, done in a pulp 1960s style.

The coloring book is now available for sale through Amazon-Createspace for $7.99 plus Amazon shipping charges.

A sample of this fantastic project:

Order now from Amazon-Createspace!


Mykol Blackwell said…
Congrats Terri!!! It looks wonderful!! I'm so looking forward to sharing it with the world!! Folks everywhere, are gonna love it!!
Thanx Partner!
klcarr said…
This looks terrific. The end product is an obvious confluence of two talents. The two of you are on to something. I wish the very best for the emterprise.

Brother Ken