From the #WTF Files: Poo-Pourri

I was cleaning photos off my old phone before activating my new smart phone (birthday present to myself) and found these two fine specimens.

Now, these "products" weren't in a joke shop. These were counter displays in a nice pharmacy - gift shop in a conservative little town in the midwest. I am imagining the salesman trying to convince the manager it was a good idea. Or maybe he plunked them on the counter and ran.

I introduce to you "Heavy Doody," poo-pourri, a "before you go" spray to deal with those . . . um . . . big odors. Notcie the manly packaging and point-of-sale display. Heavy Doody is obviously for the man of the house ::caveman grunt::

But what about the lady of the house? Obviously Heavy Doody is just not the right product for her daintier . . . um . . . excretions. So, we have "Deja Poo" poo-pourri for the gentler sex.

No dear readers, I am not making this up.