Looking Ahead

No doubt about it, this was the hardest summer of my life. Losing my brother changed my perspective on everything and has me thinking hard on my future.

However, like a river, life rolls on and by knowing the keening grief of loss, you can appreciate life for the miracle it is. So, I did manage to squeeze some lemonade out of the otherwise lifeless brew.

So what have I been up to?

1.  I started blogging and freelancing like a pro for About.com. I write about car culture and automotive collectibles at: About Car Memorabilia and have a companion blog at: The Curio Garage.

2.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have a short story in Battlespace and another one in No Rest for the Wicked. 

3.  I went to the bestest superbest writers' conference at Killer Nashville and ended up closing down the bar with two great writer friends and some literary hack named Peter Straub. Yes, I said Peter-by-gawd-Straub. Following the wisdom of debut-author extraordinaire, Jamie Mason, "always check the bar before you go to bed."

4.  I also went on a long-planned working vacation to Las Vegas to see my bestie Suzanne. Ken would have smote me from the other side had I cancelled and it provided much good time and healing. From toasting Ken at a genuine old Vegas Tiki bar to helping load up print studio gear at the Goldwell Outdoor Museum, the trip helped me come alive again and remember that my future is still in my hands.

5.  I will be self-pubbing a collection of my 100-word flash fiction some time in the next 60 days or so. Most are reprints and contest entries along with some written especially for the anthology. I have a couple of other writing projects up my sleeve that I hope to talk more about soon.

6.  I'm going to start blogging for GRIT Magazine about rural architecture in Kansas. Not a paid gig, but it is directly connected to my hobby of getting lost on old country roads and makes the new camera I plan for Christmas a tax deduction. And GRIT often chooses its in print feature writers from the legion of bloggers.

7.  Seriously reassessing all aspects of my career.  Life and work is more about just paying the bills. Yeah, I gotta do that, but I want more freedom than what I have right now.

2012 Vegas Trek Con: (c) Terri L. Coop

So, in short, I am seeking happy. I have always tended to reinvent myself every 7 - 10 years. I am overdo. To fight this, would be in the words of the best cosplay Spock I have ever seen, "simply illogical."