Shafford Bone China #writerfuel

Along with obsessing talking about writing, this blog is also for showing off some of my favorite collectibles. One of the benefits of middle-age is that I get to be as eccentric as I want (you whippersnappers, I suggest you start practicing now, it is really quite delightful.)

On Facebook, I started the #writerfuel collection of teacup photos. Every Monday or so, I swap out my cup for the week. I mix and match vintage cups and saucers from different eras and collections to make my own creations. The goal is to not spend more than $3 for a set unless it is something extraordinary (like that Franciscan Starburst set I am cyber-stalking.)

Today's #writerfuel is vintage Shafford bone china from Japan. The interior is iridescent.

Sipping tea like a damn lady: #writerfuel