Garage Sale Days! #writerfuel

Life in a small town has certain benefits that a city just can't replicate. One of them is the twice-annual town-wide garage sale day.

Plans, maps, and routes are discussed over breakfast at the local diner and McD's. In small towns, garage sales are part community festival and part bloodsport.

I am a semi-retired/semi-pro picker. For years my ex-husband and I made a living by going through your scrounge and reselling it. These days I still hunt those perfect items for resale, but mostly I am looking for trinkets for my house (I collect vintage S&P sets, teacups, and melmac.)

The day dawned bright and cool and the number of sales was the best in years. Over the next three hours I knocked the stuffings out of a $10 bill (and a gallon of gas) and got 10X that amount back in fun and therapy.

The take?

Candles, bath mat, shorts, vintage National Cash Register coin sorter, "Barbie Sings" 45s, vintage dimestore (Kreiss? hmmm . . . .) comic skunk figurine, bag of vintage sheer curtains (I am doing a mid-century remodel on my house,) Japanese blue luster teacup set, mod wall sconces, and 13 Lee Child/Jack Reacher novels (yup . . . 13)

Not a bad day all around to fill the #writerfuel tanks.

If anybody needs me . . . #writerfuel
The cup is a lovely piece that I found on the grungy table at a tumbledown bungalow in the old neighborhood. Treasures abound if you are willing to look for them. I wonder what I missed there. A closer look:

Vintage Japan blue/peach luster hand-painted teacup and saucer

Yeah, I know that cities have garages sales as well. But there is just something about a small town when the old boxes and bins are opened and the dust blown off. And I didn't even go back out for bag-for-a-buck.