Bag-For-A-Buck Romance Book-Ku

After a contest on the one-and-only Divine Ms. Janet Reid's blog a couple of years ago, I started writing "book poetry." The game is simple. Use the titles on book spines to create poetry.

I created my own sub-genre, I call it "Bag-For-A-Buck-Romance-Book-Ku."

The rules are simple. The books must be pulp or bodice ripper romance, preferably from rummage sales. My fodder came from clearance day at the library sale, where I brought home 3 big bags of Barbara Cartland novels for $3.

Haiku/Senryu form applies:

1st line: 5 syllables
2nd line:  7 syllables
3rd line:  5 syllables

Yes, the rules get bent. The resulting piece rarely references nature and there are grammatical breaks as needed. Hence, the sub-sub-sub genre of book-ku.  Titles can be split to meet the syllable-per-line count. The only thing that can be added is and/a/or/the if absolutely needed to make sense and those words in the titles can also be deleted.

The result?

Romance Book-Ku by Terri Lynn Coop first appeared at on August 15, 2012

The things writers do for fun . . .