The Proud Unsung Heroes - The Package People

A new feature on the blog is celebrating those hard-working unsung heroes, The People of the Package. Those models who adorn the album covers, the game boxes, the gadget packages. Unknown, unnamed, yet so happy . . . so freaking happy . . . so frantically freaking happy . . .

Someone thought this photo would make you want to buy this. 

The only rules to #packagepeople are:

1)  They can't be named. They can't be the recording artist or hawking their own goods.

2)  Preferably vintage. No package is safe from me, but vintage tends to be more out there.

3)  If at all possible, the actual item shouldn't be included. This is about how they look with an utter lack of context.

Cameras + Thrift Shops = A bad idea since long before 2014.