Random Act of Carnival

It's county fair time in Fort Scott, Kansas. Along with calf-roping tournaments and goat judging, a small carnival midway blossomed in the grassy area of the fairgrounds a half block from my house.

Never able to resist anything shiny, I grabbed my camera and wandered down to see what was going on.

The view from the end of my driveway.
My goal was to get as far under the Ferris wheel before I got yelled at. I was foiled my a skinny crowd barricade and the grinding noises coming from the machinery. But the beauty of the night made for good conditions.

No matter how shabby the show,
all Ferris wheels are magic at night. 

The Ferris wheel waits for its next load of passengers. 

The flying hearts ride was the most popular one at the carnival.
The operator in the center would randomly jump up and start
spinning the cars, making the kids squeal with delight. 

Nightmare fuel, just add cotton candy.

The lights are the best part of the carnival for me. 

In the center of the midway surrounded by barricades secured
with zip ties. What could possibly go wrong?

The merry-go-round and its chariots were dark tonight. 

Winner . . . winner . . . chicken dinner . . . a prize every time. 

Come and sit in my belly. It won't hurt a bit, I promise. 

Did I mention this carnival was on the old school side?

Step right up, you have nothing to lose.

The real reason to come to the carnival. #funnelcake

On the stroll home, I noticed the carnival reflected
in one of my neighbor's windows.