Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge - Three Sentence Stories

Everyone can write three sentences, what's the big deal?

The latest Terribleminds flash fiction contest is to write a story in three sentences (and, honestly, if it is going over 100 words, rein in the commas.)

Flash fiction is one of my favorite forms. Sleek and compact, not a word wasted . . . but still with the character/conflict/resolution triad.

You should really really really be reading Bo's Cafe Life

Here's my entry in The Chuck's latest Flash-O-Rama. Remember, I have three sentences.

* * *

My burglary of the deserted ramshackle Victorian ended when the gazebo roof collapsed and tumbled me into the agony of the hanging cradle of snowy roses.

Insects swarmed - mosquitoes, flies, maggots, ants - and at sundown on the second day, the crows arrived. 

'The sale is in the bag,' thought the realtor as she trailed her clients up the drive listening to their chatter and seeing the wife coo over the incredible red roses.

* * *