Writer Fuel and the Divine and Delightful Jenny Milchman

On Saturday, August 2nd, I had a triple delight. I got to meet a Facebook friend and former blogmate for the first time. Janna Qualman and I shredded a 3-hour lunch geeking out about writing and life. I hope it was only the first of many such lunches.

The reason we were in Kansas City on Saturday was to attend the monthly Sisters-In-Crime chapter meeting at the Mysteryscape bookstore on 80th Street, just off of Metcalf. The speaker was Jenny Milchman in her 20,000-mile insane family book tour talking about her two books, Cover of Snow and Ruin Falls. 

If you ever have a chance to see Jenny speak, take it. Her warmth and enthusiasm as she tells tales of the ups and downs of her road to publication are the whipped cream and sprinkles on top of getting your sticky little hands on one of her books from the shelves of your friendly neighborhood bookstore. (Well, in my case, the neighborhood is 80 miles from home, but its Kansas, we're used to 100-mile commutes.)

After the talk and lunch, I also stopped into my fav thrift shop in Overland Park and threw elbows with the locals at a 50% off sale. That foray yielded today's #writerfuel teacup. Independence Ironstone by Interpace in the Millbrook pattern. Interpace, short for International Pipe and Ceramics, a company that is heir to Haviland, Shenango, and Franciscan. This pattern dates between 1962 and 1979.

So, some fresh tea and Cover of Snow to delve into the question of what makes a good man do bad things.

"Waking up one wintry morning in her old farmhouse nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Nora Hamilton instantly knows that something is wrong. When her fog of sleep clears, she finds her world is suddenly, irretrievably shattered: Her husband, Brendan, has committed suicide."



Jenny Milchman said…
Terri, thank you for this delightful wrap up of what was for me a wonderful day as well! Mysteryscape is a bookstore not to be missed...worth the 80 mile drive, or even the 1700 mile one in my case ;) And it was terrific to meet you and Janna.