Writer Fuel Sunday . . . The Comfort Edition

Felt pretty funky all week. No big surprise considering the air here in Kansas is 1/3 mold, 1/3 oatmeal, 1/6 some unidentified goop, and 1/6 the good stuff. So, I pretty much stayed inside with the A/C cranked, my Kindle charged, and a bottomless pot of #writerfuel on tap.

But I did pass a major milestone. My manuscript is off to the editor for him to do his worst in preparation for self-pubbing. I went through the manuscript that has been sitting on my computer since March (when it went on the query-go-round) like a talisman. I took a few hours and went through my book, cleaning out some tics (discussion on the use and misuse of "however" to come.) But when I was done, it felt like art again instead of a commodity.

So, in celebration of writing and the need for a really big mug when you don't feel well:

Always remember and never forget . . . #writerfuel