Kitsch Salad: 1960s Flapper Girl Bookends

I just realized I hadn't posted a Kitsch Salad entry in forever. It's certainly not for lack of choices! I tend to get caught up in setting up a photography area instead of just taking the pics.

I rescued these lovely ladies out of a box on the lawn at a garage sale in Missouri. Dating from the 1960s, these flapper girl bookends are picture perfect mod-era pieces.

Vintage Earl Bernard Bookends
The label on the bottom reads "Created by Earl Bernard, New York, Made in Japan."

Each girl is a separate sculpt. They are made of a thick chalky china molded and spray painted with paint masks before being hand-detailed. An amazing amount of detail for a dime store frippery. This pair needs a gentle cleaning before finding a home on my shelves. They aren't devastating valuable, but they certainly aren't common. Kitsch rules.