The Thrift Shop Files . . . Scary Crafts

I've decided to just give into my addiction to thrift shops and not hide it anymore. You know, because I hid it so well before.

Bottom line, it's cheaper than therapy, more entertaining than most movies, and I find enough for resale that my mileage is tax deductible.

After I make a run through, looking for valuables (vintage Lenox china for 50 cents each, thank you,) I go back, camera phone in hand, and check out the . . . .

Not sure how to categorize it.

Bottom line, crafts. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Or, if you do, you could end up as a feature on "Scary Crafts."

We'll kick off today with part of a Nativity Scene that, um, well . . . I'm sure the painter had a good time:

Photo by Terri Lynn Coop - I take full blame.
Even the blessed baby Jesus was uncomfortable with the situation.

Photo by Terri Lynn Coop - Yup, it was me.