Crime Author James L'Etoile is on the Menu at The Blue Plate Special - 12/22/2017

Join me on Friday, December 22nd at 9 pm EST when I serve up crime writer James L'Etoile hot off the grill on The Blue Plate Special podcast. 

You can listen live or catch it later as a podcast via this link:

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Sacramento Police Detectives John Penley and Paula Newberry are enlisted to investigate a case involving the trafficking of stolen street drugs. But they quickly find it’s more difficult than they first imagined when the crime is being committed by a group of corrupt cops undermining the system. - Bury the Past
Author James L'Etoile's crime fiction work has been recognized by the Creative World Awards, Acclaim Film, and the Scriptapalooza Television Script Competition. Specializing in gritty crime fiction, his complex, edgy stories are fueled by two decades of experience in prisons and jails across the country. An experienced Associate Warden, Chief of Institution Operations, Hostage Negotiator and Director of Parole, James brings these stories to life with his background in probation, parole, investigation and prison operation.

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