Stuff That Makes Me Happy . . . Part I

Been a bear of a week (actually a bear of a summer), but I've developed a little hobby that helps me keep it under control. I live about a half mile from my work, so I walk every day that the weather lets me. Lately, I've been carrying a little camera in the pocket of my cargo shorts and snapping pics of things that amuse me and make me happy.

This is one of those things. This is a small mural I discovered on the side of a garage of a vacant house that is for sale. I wanted to preserve it in case the house is sold to someone with a bucket of paint and no sense of humor! How could a WOZ fan resist?

Too much neat stuff in my small town is disappearing in the name of "modernization" and "beautification." I believe there needs to be room for the eccentric and off-the-wall. What say you all?