And The Manuscript is Off to the Editor

I have the best family ever and belong to the best community of writers ever. Through a combination of amazing generosity, my Kickstarter project to help fund the final costs of bringing Devil's Deal to life was successful.

I believe in crowd-funding. I've contributed to at least a half-dozen (ranging from Chuck Wendig to Reading Rainbow) and liked watching the projects come to fruition. If you ever give it a try, the one thing I guarantee is that you will be surprised where your support does (and doesn't) come from.

Depending on my awesome editor's schedule and how badly he beats me over the head and shoulders on the rest of the edits, my first indie novel is on about a 6-week glide path to publication.

Thank you everyone. I hope you like it.


Please post as you go - I'm aiming for Oct. 1, and that is all of a sudden not very far away. Aargh!

Hope everything goes smoothly for you. I don't have what it takes to do a Kickstarter (though enjoyed being a participant in several) - it takes, from what I've seen, the ability to not sleep from a month before to 6 months after (cf. Veronica Mars, REading Rainbow).

I get, oh, about 2-1/4 hours between naps, and two of those is my writing limit for the day.